H Y(A.I.) P E

Space Terminators

"Our Galaxy Will Never Be The Same..."
Space Terminators is an A.I. NFT collection with a narrative and short novel written by HY(A.I.)PE with the help of GPT3, “a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text.”
The short novel will hold exclusive rights for holders and release in chapters every month.


"The Animal Kingdom, with its broad diversity, has been around since the beginning of life. With each respective race there comes a powerful gem that radiates life itself. Each gem has been recorded and traced back until its first appearance, but their origins are unknown. Bear kingdom, Penguin kingdom, Bug kingdom, and many others strive off of their gems, creating an even and peaceful union..
With each gem comes a mysteriously powerful Guardian. These mystical beings take their power and sheer existence from the gem, giving them the immense strength to easily defeat any rogue animals seeking the gem’s power. Due to such power, only the royal guards and the royal family have knowledge of the stones location...
Location: ???

H Y(A.I.) P E is also promising future utility such as Burn Swap, DNA Altering and Morphing.

We believe utility shouldn’t be gated through a purchase of any additional digital asset.
Morphing may be included but not limited to the following statement.
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